One of my favorite Christian bands is Fee Band, and they’re releasing a new album coming October 6th, Hope Rising.  As you might have recently read, Kalliope has had the wonderful opportunity to sing in Elevation‘s Children’s Choir and on their latest album, God With Us.  After hearing the track with the children’s choir, Steve Fee contacted Elevation to see if they’d sing on a track for his new album, and they did!  It sounds fantastic, and Great To Be Praised is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  Right now you can pre-order the album, and when you do, you can download it immediately.  It is really amazing!  Check it out!


How Much Longer, America?

007It’s been many weeks since my last post.  Since then we’ve had 1 trip to urgent care, 2 to the ER, school starting for Zane, and homeschool starting for Kalliope and Miles.  I’ve managed to get out to 3 concerts this summer.  Coldplay and Crue Fest at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, and last night Jason took me to see Heart at the NC Music Factory Amphitheater.  NC Music Factory is an awesome venue.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the house.  Hmmm…I think that sums it up!

Most importantly, this post is to wish my baby, Miles, the happiest 2nd birthday!  He has such a dynamic personality that he really is such a joy to have and we are so blessed for ALL our children!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our church has released another album and it’s now available for download on iTunes.  Kalliope is on it singing with the Elevation Children’s Choir at the end of We Unite.  She even has an album credit!  It’s all original songs written by our worship leaders and it’s an amazing album.


I can’t believe my sweet little boy is 8 years old today!  He’s been such and angel and blessing to all of us.  We love you!

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Happy birthday, Zane!

We had a pretty low key fourth.  We grilled out and then shot off some cheap fireworks in the street.  There were tons of real fireworks going off all around us, so we got to enjoy the show from our front yard!

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And on a lighter note:


Have a great 4th, everyone!

but…  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my dad and Jason!  I love you both!!!

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Well, not much here except for summer.  Most moms look forward to the summer since things are less hectic, but I am not one of those moms.  It’s hard to go anywhere with all 3 kids, so we spend most of our days trapped at home.  So far this summer has been great since Jason’s grandmother was here for 3 weeks and the day she left, my dad came to town but will be leaving on Thursday. :(  So I guess the reality of my summer hasn’t sunk in just yet.

So I got the kids pictures done at Wal*Mart and was really impressed with the quality and price.  These are Miles’ first pictures and since I homeschool Kalliope, these are her “school pictures”.  Zane’s pictures never come out well, so I got them all done and couldn’t be happier.  I will probably not blog much throughout the summer, because I frankly don’t see much exciting things happening, but you never know!!!

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Today is my sweet husband’s birthday!  I won’t say how old he is, only that today is a big one!  Now instead of blogging, I need to make the birthday boy some breakfast!


Happy birthday, Jason!