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The most amazing thing happened to me this weekend.  I got to witness a baby being born.  Now many of you may think, you have 3 kids, this should be something you’re used to.  Well, I had c-sections with all 3 of my kids and have never been there while someone pushed a baby out.  It was such a miracle to see!  I have to say that I feel like I missed out.  I wish I could’ve pushed just one of my kids out.  Most moms are thinking I’m crazy, but it feels like I cheated a little.  Believe me, it’s not easy recovering from a c-section, but laboring and delivering a baby is part of Gods natural process and I feel like I’ve bypassed that.  My husband says I’m being silly and there’s nothing I can do about it now.  I know he’s right, but still… 

I have to thank my amazing husband who woke me after a 2 hour nap to let me know my friend was in labor, then stayed all day with the kids as I rushed to the hospital to be with her until the baby was born.  All with a smile and no complaints.  I know my kids are a handful, so I am so thankful for an awesome husband!  Who knows?  #4 could be just around the corner (hopefully it’s a big corner).


Can’t think of anything interesting to write about, so enjoy a little Brian Regan.

A little while back, Kalliope and I were having lunch at Chick-Fil-A and I noticed a couple of “punk” guys walk in.  They were both in baggy jeans black hooded sweatshirts, and one had a huge mowhawk.  Tattoos, piercings, whole nine yards.  I remember sitting there and thinking to myself, “These guys probably don’t even know that this is a Christian franchise.”  As if on cue, the mowhawked one took off his sweatshirt to reveal a black tee underneath that read “Lamb of God”.

I remember just sitting there smiling and thanking God for His, as always, perfect timing.  I absolutely LOVE moments like these.  It helps me to remember that He sees everything and hears every little thought.  That must have been over a year ago, but I don’t think I will ever forget that moment.

I dropped Zane off at his first day of summer camp this morning.  He seemed pretty happy to go and I think he’ll have fun.  Now the question is, what do I do with myself for the next 3 weeks?  Since I’ve recently watched The Bucket List, I’m thinking something great. After camp is over, it’ll be 6 weeks before he’s back in school, and I might not make it that long.  What things have I always wanted to do? (In no particular order.)

  • Skydive (yes, I know everyone wants to do it, but it’s still pretty cool!)
  • Protest for something I believe in at the steps of the Capital Building (i.e. funding for autism research, green vaccines)
  • Take a cruise (seems simple, but not for someone with an autistic child)
  • Go on a mission trip to a 3rd world country (again, autistic child)
  • Go on an African safari (and again, autistic child)
  • Sing on a Disney soundtrack
  • Swim with dolphins (Zane would probably love it!)
  • Return to Italy with my husband (particularly Venice…it’s sooooo romantic!)
  • Take my family to Disney (may be doable, but we need $$$)

*sigh*  These things may be a little unrealistic for the next 3 weeks.  Especially since I still have my 8 year old and 9 month old with me.  I guess I’ll just have to settle for a trip to Wal-Mart or Concord Mills Mall.

I think that the more I hear this song, the more I love it.  It makes me want to grab all my kids and hold ’em tight! *sniff…sniff*  What?!?!  I’ve got something in my eye!

Here’s a little story about my daughter Kalliope.  She says many things without thinking as most 8 year olds do, which always makes for a funny story later.

Last week I was getting ready to head out to meet some girlfriends for a friend’s birthday and asked my husband how I looked.  He commented that I was looking very “boobie”.  Since our daughter was sitting there I felt compelled to explain to her that Daddy was just saying that because Mommy is still nursing Miles and they’ll go back to normal when I stop nursing him.  She replied “Yes, and they’ll get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller” (imagine the hand gestures with this as well!) “and smaller and smaller, until there’s just a nipple!”  Ugh.  How much does a boob job go for these days?

A little food for thought.

Being a mother of an autistic child, the question has been brought up to me several times, “do you think it was the vaccines?”.  My honest answer is I just don’t know.  What I do know is that our vaccines are filled with all kinds of junk that I would not inject into my child.  Many of you have probably heard about thimerosal (mercury), but have you heard about the human diploid cells from aborted fetus’ that are in your everday MMR vaccine?  Other ingredients from shots on the vaccination schedule are formaldehyde, coal tar vesicle fluid from calf skins, chick embryonic fluid, red rhesus monkey fetal lung cells, and so many more!  Some pharmaceutical companies have removed thimerosal from their vaccines, but many haven’t.  Not to mention, most doctors didn’t go through their supply and throw out all the vaccines with thimerosal.  That wouldn’t be cost effective.

Although there have been several studies that conclude that a link couldn’t be found between vaccines and many neurological disorders, including autism, you cannot deny the outcry from parents.  When parents have their neurologically normally developing children the DPaT and the next day their child stops talking and making eye contact, what would you conclude?  The World Health Organization has promised that thimerosal is safe but will keep the study “under review.”  They don’t sound too sure of themselves.  I believe the bottom line is this, many children are more prone to developing autism than other children and things like vaccines, preservatives in foods, and other environmental factors trigger that autism. 

If you choose to vaccinate your child, and that’s a decision each parent must make for themselves, Dr. Sears has created an alternate vaccine schedule as well as tells you what to ask your pediatrician and look for in vaccines.  Some pediatricians will order vaccines individually as well as ones that are thimerosal free.

What I have personally experienced?  I immunized Kalliope without doing any homework.  I then vaccinated Zane before knowing anything about autism.  Once I found out, all vaccines in my house have ceased.  I didn’t see a night and day difference before and after a particular vaccine, but the 10 or 20 words Zane had, he did lose shortly after his DPaT, so I have chosen not to immunize Miles.  Does that mean he won’t develop autism?  Only God knows.  We have been asked to leave our pediatricians office since we have chosen not to immunize Miles

I think you can have some genetics tests done to see if your child is more prone to certain things, but it’s expensive and very extensive.  You have to get medical histories from your family, including your third cousin twice removed.  The only advice I have to offer to parents is do your homework before having your child vaccinated.  You never know what long term affects it could have.

On Saturday we had over old friend I went to high school with and his family.  We saw them I about 4 years ago and before that, not since high school (it’s been about 15 years!).  Anyway, as I was laying in bed the night before and running down the list of things to do the next day to prepare, it dawned on me that my old friend is now a pastor.  A little bit of panic went through me as I thought, “we have a pastor  coming over and what if they think we’re not Christian enough?”.  I know it sounds dumb, but it’s like if the Beckhams were coming over and you’re worried how you’re house isn’t sophisticated enough.  As I laid in bed sorting out my thoughts, it came to me how stupid I was being.  They are people just like us and love God the same as us.  Besides, all that matters is how I love God, not how others perceive how I love Him.  I guess as a fairly new believer it’s still hard to let go of the world mentality and of what other people think of me.  Now don’t get me wrong, these people are the coolest laid back folk and I really had nothing to worry about.  My old friend’s wife will probably read this and laugh as they are such a humble and down to earth couple and here I am comparing them to the Beckhams. 

I just had a thought about Sunday’s sermon at Elevation that’s the opposite of what I’ve been talking about but still somewhat connected.  We had guest speaker, Pastor Craig Groeschel of  During the sermon he talked about how people living in America would never be persecuted for our beliefs like those in so many other countries, like China, India, etc.  I think about the times I’ve been too timid to say the name Jesus to a stranger or a close friend who’s a non-believer and realized… I am persecuting myself!  That is absolutely ridiculous!  Why should I create obstacles for myself?!?!?!?!  So as I struggle to keep the judgements of the world (and myself!) out of my mind and heart, I’ll say this prayer:

Lord, help to me to always keep my eyes on You.  Keep my mind clear of thoughts that are not of You and of the world.  Keep my heart and motives pure in all that I do and let my actions always reflect Your glory.  Amen.

So I thought after the first incident with the bee, Zane would have learned his lesson.  Apparently not.  Today as he swam at a friends house, he thought he’d see what wasp might taste like.  Guess what?  No better than a bee.  My poor baby.  We gave him a little sorbet after the first occurence and today he didn’t freak out, just came in asking for ice cream (that’s what he calls sorbet).  I didn’t even see it till I checked on him a few minutes later and saw him starting to swell up in 3 spots on his lips.  My little Zane, devourer of bugs.

Before and after eating a wasp.

Before and after the wasp

BTW, Hopefully my blog will not be day after day of stories of my son eating bugs.  That would be pretty boring and suck for me.