So this story should give some of you insight to my autistic son, Zane.  He is lower functioning on the spectrum, i.e. he was just potty trained and he’s almost 7 now.  He has severe social deficits.  He’d run down the street naked and not think twice about it or care if anyone was watching.

We just bought this awesome pool from Target for $100.  Best $100 we’ve ever spent (so far).  Zane loves it!  So Sunday night after 4 hours of swimming and dinner, Zane wanted to go in again.  I thought, “why not, isn’t this why we spent the money?”  So he was swimming and I was out there with him.  He was off to the side with his back to me so I couldn’t see exactly what was going on.  He turned around with a look of disgust, like he ate something nasty.  Then started throwing a huge tantrum.  Screaming and thrashing around the pool.  I called him over and he came to me, but wouldn’t let me touch one of his hands.  After a lot of screaming and fighting, I got a look at it and sure enough, he was stung by a bee.  So from Zane’s past history (of eating bugs), I have deduced that Zane ate the bee that stung him.  That’s classic.