I’m going to reveal something not too many people know about me, or would have guessed.  I love video games.  I know that this isn’t some unusual passion, but you don’t see too many 30 year old, mothers of 3 slaying Mortal Kombat (or at least don’t hear many admit it).  Many of us claim we only play to spend time with our husbands or kids, but that just isn’t true.  In my younger years, I remember seeing the sun come up after an all-nighter of Final Fantasy Tactics.  The past few mornings, I played Shrek 2 with my daughter only to “help” her beat the game.  Taking after both parents, my 8 year old daughter loves video games as well.  Now after doing some research, my husband and I are drooling over the PS3 even though we can’t afford it.  I really want one because of this game:

Yes, you saw who you think you saw there at the end.  I know all you closet gamers are psyched about it too!