Since Zane started back to school Monday, I have no excuses left not to go to the gym.  I gave myself one last free day and headed out Tuesday morning.  I did 30 minutes of cardio and some light weights.  Same thing yesterday.  Took today off to do some shopping and housework.  After I had Miles, I was able to get down to pre-Miles size and then I got complacent.  I have to say that I’m more motivated to lose the weight this time since I recently auditioned for Elevation’s worship team and made it.  Now I’m not one of those self-hating people, I’m just realistic.  I’m one of the older people up there and definitely the fattest.  Can’t do anything about my age, but I can do something about my weight.  Plus I need more energy since I’m adding something else into my already busy schedule and being at the gym is some great “me” time I get everyday.  The hardest thing I deal with is finding healthy, cheap, AND easy recipes.  I can find healthy and easy or cheap and easy, but not all three.  Any suggestions?