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This school year is proving to be a busy one.  I’m really trying to get a good routine with home schooling this year, which means sticking to my schedule, and that doesn’t leave much free time.  I try to schedule things for Kalliope to do all day, so that she doesn’t get bored and we don’t slack off.  As a rule, she isn’t allowed free time to just play video games or watch TV until her brother gets home from school (unless it’s an educational game or TV show).  School for Zane has been going well and he loves it.  Miles is walking now (when he wants to) and saying several words.  He points a lot, eye contact is great, and responds when you call his name.  My autism parents out there can appreciate that.  Some of the words he’s saying are:

  • Thank you
  • da-da
  • ma-ma
  • that (while he’s pointing to whatever he wants)
  • shoe

I’ve been pretty good about going to the gym, however I haven’t seen any big changes yet.  Our weekends are full with karate, serving at church, birthday parties, and chores around the house.  Singing at church has been a lot of fun and a great outlet for me.  I get a weekly break from the kids to do something positive and productive.  Jason has started gigging out and in the past month done 2 gigs, both playing kids music.  He really enjoys that and wants to pursue that more.  So if anyone out there is in need of a singer/guitar player to perform at festivals or kids birthdays, he’s the man to call!!!

Well, unless something exciting happens or until bloggers block goes away, I’ll be posting some pictures and videos of the family.


Sunday Miles turned the big 1!  We just had a little family party with my dad who’s in town.  We love you, little man!

BTW, I’m not posting a pic of my homemade cake because I don’t want it to end up on this site.

I think the title speaks for itself…

I got to thinking about what I’d do if I had a million dollars.  Here’s my list in order of priority:

1. Pay off all debts

2. Hire the best therapists to work with Zane

3. Hire an awesome housekeeper so I can do what these people did!

I know that some of you may think I’m crazy to want more kids since I’ve got Zane (who’s equal to about 3 kids himself), a 1 year old, and sweet Kalliope, but if I had someone to do all the household duties, I could totally handle it.  Wouldn’t it be great if all I had to do is love on my kids all day long?!?!?! No more, dishes, laundry, scrubbing showers, and mopping floors!  **sigh**  A girl can dream, can’t she?

There are times when bad things happen in your life because you know that you’ve made a choice that God had not intended for you.  Then there are times that bad things happen and you’re struggling and people tell you that this is God’s plan and everything is exactly as it should be.  How do I know the difference?

There are times when I pray and feel a strong pull towards one answer.  How do I know if that’s God or my own brain attempting to rationalize and give myself the answer?

When I’m going through a valley I always find it hard to see what it is that God wants for me and what my purpose is.  When eveything is great, the people around you are happy and healthy, and finances are in order, it’s easy to think that you are exactly where God intended you to be.  Happy.  Comfortable.  But is it that really what you’re called to be?