The past 2 years we haven’t let our kids go trick or treating and take part of general Halloween festivities.  I couldn’t sit here and quote scripture for you to back up our decision, but it’s been more of a feeling and a choice made by our conscience.  At the same time, I didn’t feel like I would be a good Christian by just turning off my lights and acting like we weren’t home.  How is that showing brotherly love to my neighbors?  I certainly don’t think we’re better than anyone, saved or not, and didn’t want anyone to think that we feel that way.  So we made sure to open our doors, lights on, and hand out candy.  I bagged up our candy and included a scripture in it and felt really good about spreading the gospel to all that came to our door.  This year, however, I made the last minute decision to let Kalliope go out trick or treating with her friends.  She dressed up as Mulan (a costume that she already had!).

With her being home schooled, I didn’t want her to feel any more left out than she already does because she doesn’t ride the bus with all her friends.  It’s hard sometimes because we took Kalliope out of school halfway through first grade, so her memory of school was still lots of fun with not very much work.  I try to tell her that as you get older, school isn’t all fun and there’s a lot more work, but she still remembers how it was.  Anyway, Kalliope did have a great time with one of her best friends and got a ton of loot!

At church today, we are in the midst of “The Real Change Campaign” series and pastor’s message today really hit home on so many levels, but I’ll try to stay on topic here. 

He talked about how real change doesn’t come from thinking “outside the box”, but changing things from inside box.  Even though he was talking about our countries current economic state and personal finances, I thought this really applied to Halloween or anything that a Christian might not agree with.  Rather than excluding yourself or start something different, infiltrate, and shine your light from the inside out.  Something like this:

(Is my sci-fi side showing?  I know, I’m a dork.)