The other day Kalliope and I we’re getting a few things at Wal Mart and we’re goofing around together: karate kicks, hammer fists, etc. Well, she smacks my butt and says, “That’s what you get for trying to kick me in the a**!” I know it’s terrible and I kept it together pretty well, but I was trying so hard not to laugh. We talked about it with Daddy when we got home and said that she’d get off with a warning on her first offense, but next time the punishment would be severe. We wondered where she picked it up since we really try not to swear, especially in front of the kids. It’s hard for me since swearing was part of my daily vocabulary for 20+ years up until 2 years ago.  Anyway, we sat down to watch a few sitcoms last night and they said “a**” just about every 5 minutes! Guess no more sitcoms in the evenings before bedtime. Thanks King of Queens!