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I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything substantial, I’ve been very busy so cut me a little slack. 

Yesterday I sang at Elevation Church like I do almost every Sunday now, but I got to sing at the 6 pm service that just started a few weeks ago.  The energy there was amazing and I was so pumped up for the rest of the night!

My mom just sent me a webcam, so I set that up today and set up a free video calling account.  We’re pretty excited about that.  I connected my laptop up to my flat screen in the living room so the kids could see better and hopefully Zane would be interested in it.  No such luck.  Anyway, the boys we’re getting hungry and my mom, who I was talking to at the time, suggested just leaving the call open since it’s a free service.  I agreed, but was very unsettled.  I kept looking up and seeing my mom sitting there on the TV and felt like I was on display.  I don’t think I’ll be hooking it up to the TV anymore.  Kalliope loves it and even asked if I could set my laptop up on her nightstand so she could wake up and call her Grandma.  My husband and I are amazed.  When we were kids and watched futuristic shows like the Jetsons, everyone had video phones.  Now it’s common for people to have webcams.  What’s next?  Jetpacks?  I can’t wait for that to come!


011209-004Yesterday Kalliope turned 9 years old!  I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by!  She had a Camp Rock themed party and about 20 guests from our neighborhood and her karate class.  Since she got Disney Sing It for her birthday, that’s what the kids did a majority of the time and it seemed to be a big hit!  I made a stage from my excercise step wrapped in a section from a Camp Rock table cloth.   I hung a shimmery curtain on the wall behind as a backdrop and capped it all off with another section of table cloth.  It turned out pretty cute and inexpensive!  She had a great time.  We took her to Chili’s for dinner and they came and sang to her.  It was a great day for a great little girl!

Here’s a little clip from us singing.  Sorry I’m so loud; I’m holding the camera!  I spelled out “Happy Birthday Kalliope” on the cupcakes, but Zane swiped the “B” off one so they only read “Happy Irthday Kalliope”.  You get a glimpse of Zane getting very excited at the end.  He loves singing happy birthday!

123108-004Miles, my youngest, is now 16 months old and upon the suggestion of my friend, I’m compiling a list of words he’s saying.  I just decided to post them rather than write them on a piece of paper that would eventually get lost in one of my many junk drawers.  Since Zane is autistic and lost of his most of his words at around 18 months old (not that he had many to begin with), I wanted to keep track of Miles’ progress. 

Without further ado, I present to you…Miles’ list of words:

  • juice (spoken very well and many, many times throughout the day)
  • dada
  • nana (banana)
  • tickle
  • dog
  • ball
  • box
  • eyes
  • nose
  • hi
  • thank you (his first words, actually)
  • Elmo
  • mouth
  • uh-ho (meant to be uh-oh, but we’re working on that)
  • no no (his latest, with the finger shake and everything)
  • tiss (kiss)
  • Say (Zane)
  • book
  • Cici (Lucy, our dog)
  • hello
  • doooooo (dude)


So this evening my feet are really sore from doing yoga this morning.  Go ahead and laugh, but I have extremely flat feet and weak ankles and doing stuff like that bothers my feet.  Anyway, I asked my 8 year old daughter to rub my feet a little and I had to bribe her with a treat after dinner.  Some of you stricter folk are probably thinking that I shouldn’t have to give my child anything.  She should rub my feet since I brought her into this world, give her food, shelter, etc.  Other, more liberal, parents are probably appalled that I would have my child do such a horrible and demeaning task for me.  I think it’s just smart.  She’s doing a little manual labor and earns a small fee, so she’s learning a great lesson.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  (Besides, she’ll be 9 in just a week and a half!)

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve through yesterday.  I’m not as dedicated as those who got pics of their kids opening presents up on their blogs on Christmas.  I did want to add that I plan to blog more as another resolution for the year.  Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

Miles with Elmo Live, his big gift this year.  Do you think he likes it?  I’ve also got a video of Kalliope singing at church but I’m having trouble uploading it.  I’ll post it if I can get it to work!

As I laid in bed this morning at around 3 a.m. trying to fall asleep, and believe me I was tired, I just couldn’t.  God placed so much on my heart at such an incovenient time, but what can you do?  Blog about it, of course!

Last year was a tough one for me.  I don’t tend to talk about my internal struggles, even with my closest friends.  I talk about issues with the kids, husband, finances, etc., but not the deep, down, dirty stuff.  Especially towards the end of the year, I was feeling like a big, fat failure.  Failure as a mom, wife, and Christian.  I felt like I was constantly yelling at my kids, annoyed with my husband, and doing nothing for the glory of God.  Last night, God just wouldn’t let me sleep and kept pressing this on my heart.

We serve a God of second chances…and third…and fourth…  Remember that every failure, heartbreak, tragedy, and triumph has been laid out for a reason.  It gives us opportunity.  Opportunity for growth in wisdom, patience, joy, discipline, generosity, forgiveness, and love.  We are all loved.  Remember that even though you ate Christmas dinner alone, didn’t get a single phone call on your birthday, or a card for Father’s Day, we are loved.

So I’m looking forward to 2009.  Looking forward to changing myself for the better and helping to bring out the best in those around me.  Let’s make 2009 awesome!  God bless you all!