angrywomanSo I parked my car in the Wal*Mart parking lot and there was a woman in her black Kia minivan in the space next to me talking on her phone (I didn’t see any kids in her car, thank God!).  She wasn’t moving so I got out to get the baby, and Kalliope got out and came around to my side of the car to grab the diaper bag.  As I’m unbuckling Miles, I notice that this woman decided to pull out and since Kalliope was standing between the cars I quickly told her to look out.  This woman was clearly not paying attention.  I looked at her a little in disbelief, but mostly annoyed that she wouldn’t even let us get out of the way before she pulled out.  She lays on her horn and starts screaming at me.  She screamed f*** you a lot, called me an f***ing b****, and told me to watch my f***ing kids.  I just gave her a thumbs up and told her that she was really classy.  I have to say that I’ve never been screamed at like that before and it really upset me.  It flashed through my mind to hand the baby to Kalliope, go around to her driver’s side and yank her out of the car by her hair, but I didn’t.  I can’t believe someone would say such horrible things and especially in front of my child.  All Kalliope said was, “That lady was really mean.”  I will pray for her.  You’ve got to be pretty unhappy with your life to scream at a complete stranger like that.

For those of you who knew me before God found me would be really proud of the way I handled the situation.  I have to say that if Kalliope hadn’t been there, I might have handled that situation very differently.  I’m glad I didn’t.  It might have been satisfying to put her in her place for a short time, but I know that later I would be so ashamed.

If in the million to one chance that this woman comes across my blog, I’m sorry that things are so rough for you and I will pray for you!