We’re almost 2 months into ’09 and I thought I’d give a quick update to my yearly resolutions.

1. Stop spanking my kids. 

I think I’ve only had to spank Kalliope once or twice.  HOWEVER, since she knows we’re trying not to spank her, she’s been pushing my buttons a lot more.  Testing me to see what she can get away with!  ARGH!!!

2. Have more patience with my kids, especially Kalliope. 

I’m getting better, but it’s a work in progress.

3. Lose 30 lbs.

So far I’ve lost 10 lbs. doing the Special K diet!

4. Keep my house clean 75% of the time (a big number here considering it’s usually around 10%) and fold laundry straight out of the dryer.

I have yet to let any clean laundry pile up unfolded.  My house has been a little cleaner, probably about 50%.  I don’t want to go too high too fast, I’m might give my husband a heart attack.

5. Be a better friend.  I don’t call my friends and don’t tell them how great they are nearly enough.

This one has been tough for me since I’m not a mushy person.  Don’t worry, I haven’t given up!

6. Get and STAY on a budget!

Don’t ask.

7. Read through my entire Bible! 

I’m getting to it.

8. Learn to let things go. 

Another work in progress.

9. Get my kids out of the house more. 

I’ve been good about getting Kalliope and Miles out while Zane is at school, but it still gives me a headache just thinking about running to Wal*Mart with all 3.

*A quick side note.  My girl, Jen, recently had a 70’s party.  Pictures will be coming soon!