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theshack2I just finished reading The Shack today.  What an amazing story!  It’s one of those books you’d have to read to know what I’m talking about, otherwise I could be here all day typing and typing.  I just don’t have enough time or energy to go into all the details of it, but if you’ve read it, let’s chat!  There has been controversy surrounding it, as many thought provoking and challenging books will do, so I found this to be quite helpful for me.

Thanks, Tam, for suggesting it for me!!!


012309-022Here’s a funny conversation my husband, Jason, and I had with our 9 year old, Kalliope, in the car the other day.  She was getting lectured a bit about how some things don’t go our way and how we all have to sacrifice things for the ones we love.

Jason: Kalliope, you know that your Mommy and I sacrifice a lot for you and your brothers, right?

Kalliope: You do?!?!?! (a look of surprise on her face)

Immediate Jason get’s annoyed that not only does Kalliope not appreciate the sacrifices we make, but doesn’t even recognize them.

Me:  (whispering to Jason) I don’t think she get’s what sacrifice means.

Jason: (to Kalliope) Do you know what sacrifice means?

Kalliope: Yes.

Jason: What?

Kalliope: It means you kill things.

This is such a sweet story.  We could all take a lesson from these two!  Thanks, Jen, for sharing!