012309-022Here’s a funny conversation my husband, Jason, and I had with our 9 year old, Kalliope, in the car the other day.  She was getting lectured a bit about how some things don’t go our way and how we all have to sacrifice things for the ones we love.

Jason: Kalliope, you know that your Mommy and I sacrifice a lot for you and your brothers, right?

Kalliope: You do?!?!?! (a look of surprise on her face)

Immediate Jason get’s annoyed that not only does Kalliope not appreciate the sacrifices we make, but doesn’t even recognize them.

Me:  (whispering to Jason) I don’t think she get’s what sacrifice means.

Jason: (to Kalliope) Do you know what sacrifice means?

Kalliope: Yes.

Jason: What?

Kalliope: It means you kill things.