I know that I don’t post nearly enough about Zane, but to be honest, he hasn’t been doing that great.  A lot of tantruming and a big increase in is OCD behavior (which leads to the tantrums most of the time).  My guy who used to be happy 90% of the time and upset 10% has now flipped and is upset 90% and happy 10%.  He used to have a tantrum and be over it in just a couple of minutes, but now they go on and on.  Also, most of the time when I take pictures of him, he squints due to the flash and his overly sensitive eyes, so most pictures have him making a strange face.  Nevertheless, I’m going to post a few cute pics and a video of my sweet boy.

Bed head

There are a few guys from my church that would love to wake up with hair like this! 


Not loving the flash.


My attempt at making a bad picture look “artistic”.

We’ve all had days like this.