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but…  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my dad and Jason!  I love you both!!!

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Well, not much here except for summer.  Most moms look forward to the summer since things are less hectic, but I am not one of those moms.  It’s hard to go anywhere with all 3 kids, so we spend most of our days trapped at home.  So far this summer has been great since Jason’s grandmother was here for 3 weeks and the day she left, my dad came to town but will be leaving on Thursday. :(  So I guess the reality of my summer hasn’t sunk in just yet.

So I got the kids pictures done at Wal*Mart and was really impressed with the quality and price.  These are Miles’ first pictures and since I homeschool Kalliope, these are her “school pictures”.  Zane’s pictures never come out well, so I got them all done and couldn’t be happier.  I will probably not blog much throughout the summer, because I frankly don’t see much exciting things happening, but you never know!!!

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