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Awesome.  Thanks, Jen.


Here’s a couple of cute videos of Miles!

In this first video, notice Miles has now learned how to appropriately use the word “no”.

Yes, he got booed in the end for lack of singing.

Last Monday we took Kalliope and Miles to Lazy 5 Ranch.  It’s a drive through petting zoo.  It was so much fun feeding the animals and the kids really enjoyed it.  There are no pictures of me since Jason was too busy controlling my window and laughing at me as I freaked when the emus would come to my window.  They have this big, black dead eyes and it creeped me out.  Miles had no fear at all and was fascinated by all the animals.  Kalliope was not quite so brave, but still really enjoyed it!





011209-004Yesterday Kalliope turned 9 years old!  I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by!  She had a Camp Rock themed party and about 20 guests from our neighborhood and her karate class.  Since she got Disney Sing It for her birthday, that’s what the kids did a majority of the time and it seemed to be a big hit!  I made a stage from my excercise step wrapped in a section from a Camp Rock table cloth.   I hung a shimmery curtain on the wall behind as a backdrop and capped it all off with another section of table cloth.  It turned out pretty cute and inexpensive!  She had a great time.  We took her to Chili’s for dinner and they came and sang to her.  It was a great day for a great little girl!

Here’s a little clip from us singing.  Sorry I’m so loud; I’m holding the camera!  I spelled out “Happy Birthday Kalliope” on the cupcakes, but Zane swiped the “B” off one so they only read “Happy Irthday Kalliope”.  You get a glimpse of Zane getting very excited at the end.  He loves singing happy birthday!

Just because I know you can’t get enough of Ron Burgundy. Stay classy, San Diego!

Yup, yesterday Miles got his first pair of Chuck Taylor’s.  I finally got fed up with him kicking of his shoes and socks the second we get into the car and wanting to walk everywhere that I got them for him.  Since they were buy one get one half price, we got him another pair the next size up.  Now he can dress just like his big brother!


And in case you couldn’t get enough of my little baby walking, here you go!  I will be so sad when outgrows that little outfit!

I first saw this on Krissi’s blog and then had to swipe it to put on mine because this is really so amazing.  As a bit of a sci-fi geek (at least for a woman) and a lover of music, this is so awesome!

Thanks for sharing this, Krissi!

BTW, John Williams is the composer of all the scores in the video as well has many others, including Harry Potter!

My husband has gotten me addicted to Warhawk.  It’s an online game on the PS3 that you play against other people.  The premise of the game is simple, it’s capture the flag military style.  Here’s a taste (you only need to watch 10 seconds of this video to get the idea.)

I’ve actually gotten fairly decent at the game.  Some rounds I’m the top scoring player.  That is where the addiction lies.  My screen name is “GAMERMOMMY” and I love the idea that I’m beating a bunch of guys in a military video game.  It’s the simple victories that keep us going.


*Added 12/21/08

Now that we actually own the game, I’ve never been the top player.  It’s a lot harder than the demo!!!  It’s still fun though.

No, I’m not a 10 year old boy, but I’m still so excited!

For those of you who missed it or couldn’t find me (since we turned off our cable I only watched it this morning online!) here’s a clip of the show that aired on Oct. 19th.  If you watch at 4 mins 13 secs in, you’ll see me standing at the barricade with my sign in front of it.  I’m wearing sunglasses and holding my camera.  You can see my girl, Kellie, in the green dress next to me.  If you’d like my autograph, please send my a self addressed envelope and $500.  Thanks! 

Isn’t the house beautiful?!?!?!