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Today is my sweet husband’s birthday!  I won’t say how old he is, only that today is a big one!  Now instead of blogging, I need to make the birthday boy some breakfast!


Happy birthday, Jason!


012309-022Here’s a funny conversation my husband, Jason, and I had with our 9 year old, Kalliope, in the car the other day.  She was getting lectured a bit about how some things don’t go our way and how we all have to sacrifice things for the ones we love.

Jason: Kalliope, you know that your Mommy and I sacrifice a lot for you and your brothers, right?

Kalliope: You do?!?!?! (a look of surprise on her face)

Immediate Jason get’s annoyed that not only does Kalliope not appreciate the sacrifices we make, but doesn’t even recognize them.

Me:  (whispering to Jason) I don’t think she get’s what sacrifice means.

Jason: (to Kalliope) Do you know what sacrifice means?

Kalliope: Yes.

Jason: What?

Kalliope: It means you kill things.

Last week our amazing sitter came over and kept the boys while Jason and I took kalliope out on a little date.  We first went to a cheap pizza buffet and then onto the Billy Graham library.  They have an amazing light display, carriage rides, live nativity, tour, bookstore, and cafe and it’s all free (except the bookstore and cafe).  It was freezing so we skipped the carriage ride and we got there too late for the 1 1/2 tour, but we got to see the lights, live nativity, tour the Graham family home, and get ice cream at the cafe.  We all had a great time!

121208-004121208-007Live nativity.  That's a real camel!
Live nativity.  The donkey and camel are real!

Since starting to home school Kalliope and having our third child, space has become a premium in our home.  I’m so lucky to have a handy husband, though handy is quite an understatement.  We had a 2 story entry and have decided to split it and create a loft to use as a home school classroom and therapy room for Zane.  Our friend, Jeff, came and helped Jason run the new electrical outlets and ceiling wiring and his dad helped with the flooring construction.  Here are some pictures of our progress so far. 


Just after demo started.

Just after demo started.

Jason and his dad running the floor joists.

Jason and his dad running the floor joists.

Sub-floor going down.

Sub-floor going down.

Tearing out the old knee wall.

Tearing out the old knee wall.

Constructed a new knee wall.

Constructed a new knee wall.

 DAY 2

Jason and I installed the recessed lighting.

Jason and I installed the recessed lighting in our new 1 story entry.

Ceiling drywall installed.

Ceiling drywall installed.

We are going to work on mudding/taping, and sanding the drywall today.  Then all we have to do is paint, hang crown, lay flooring and install baseboard in the classroom.  I can’t wait to move in it!  We’re turning our formal dining room into our office and the old office into a spare/music room.  Should make things a little less chaotic here!
  • BTW, if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and need work done, contact my husband, Jason, at  He specializes in kitchen & bath cabinet remodelling, but can do it all!!!

So it’s only taken me a week to get back here and tell you all how our date went.  It was nice and quiet.  We didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves, but it was really nice.  We went to PF Chang’s for some yummy food!  We split the lettuce wraps, mongolian beef, and moo shu pork.  My mouth is watering as I type.  Then we walked around the plaza and stopped at Dean and Deluca’s for a little coffee and something sweet.  After that we headed over to Border’s to have a little quiet reading time.  I ended up buying something for the baby, but that’s okay.  All in all it was great!  Thank you, Elevation!!!!

Over the past few weeks our church has been doing a series titled “Visionary Love, Dream Sex”.  (I’ll give you one guess what it was about.)  One of the points Pastor Furtick has really been stressing is that men need to still be romantic and take their wives out for dates.  So this past Sunday, the church decided to put their money where their mouths are.  Elevation gave out vouchers for $30/married couple for restaurants around the Charlotte area as well as cards to send in to have 3 hours of babysitting reimbursed!  That is so cool!  Tonight we have sitter and to celebrate our anniversary that was on Wednesday, we going to PF Chang’s tonight.  I’m really looking forward to it since I’ve heard how great their food is.  I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Today is our 8th anniversary.  For all you math geniuses out there, yes, we had Kalliope before we were married.  So Kalliope was there at our wedding.  I know how cliche it sounds, but I really love him more and more each day.  It’s those little things that make me love him more.  When he’s throwing Zane up in the air, when he’s giving the kids a bath, when he’s dancing with Kalliope, when he’s playing guitar for Miles, when he still opens every door for me, tells me I’m beautiful and that he lovesme everyday, …  He’s an amazing husband, father, and man.

 I love you, baby!



This school year is proving to be a busy one.  I’m really trying to get a good routine with home schooling this year, which means sticking to my schedule, and that doesn’t leave much free time.  I try to schedule things for Kalliope to do all day, so that she doesn’t get bored and we don’t slack off.  As a rule, she isn’t allowed free time to just play video games or watch TV until her brother gets home from school (unless it’s an educational game or TV show).  School for Zane has been going well and he loves it.  Miles is walking now (when he wants to) and saying several words.  He points a lot, eye contact is great, and responds when you call his name.  My autism parents out there can appreciate that.  Some of the words he’s saying are:

  • Thank you
  • da-da
  • ma-ma
  • that (while he’s pointing to whatever he wants)
  • shoe

I’ve been pretty good about going to the gym, however I haven’t seen any big changes yet.  Our weekends are full with karate, serving at church, birthday parties, and chores around the house.  Singing at church has been a lot of fun and a great outlet for me.  I get a weekly break from the kids to do something positive and productive.  Jason has started gigging out and in the past month done 2 gigs, both playing kids music.  He really enjoys that and wants to pursue that more.  So if anyone out there is in need of a singer/guitar player to perform at festivals or kids birthdays, he’s the man to call!!!

Well, unless something exciting happens or until bloggers block goes away, I’ll be posting some pictures and videos of the family.

Yes, I’m still here.  We’ve just been so busy!  Anyway, this past week my family was blessed to be able to attend the Joni and Friends family retreat.  It’s a great organization that, amongst many other things, provides a retreat for families with special needs.  We met a lot of great and inspiring people and got a much needed break.  Zane got a one on one buddy all week, the baby went to their nursery, and Kalliope got to do all kinds of fun things with other kids her age.  She went horse back riding, rode the zip line, and climbed the rock wall.  Jason and I did the zip line too; it was a blast!  We tried to get Zane to do all those things, but he freaked right when it was his turn to go.

All in all it was a great experience and highly recommend it to any family with special needs.  But it’s always great to be home too!

I’m going to reveal something not too many people know about me, or would have guessed.  I love video games.  I know that this isn’t some unusual passion, but you don’t see too many 30 year old, mothers of 3 slaying Mortal Kombat (or at least don’t hear many admit it).  Many of us claim we only play to spend time with our husbands or kids, but that just isn’t true.  In my younger years, I remember seeing the sun come up after an all-nighter of Final Fantasy Tactics.  The past few mornings, I played Shrek 2 with my daughter only to “help” her beat the game.  Taking after both parents, my 8 year old daughter loves video games as well.  Now after doing some research, my husband and I are drooling over the PS3 even though we can’t afford it.  I really want one because of this game:

Yes, you saw who you think you saw there at the end.  I know all you closet gamers are psyched about it too!