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How Much Longer, America?


I can’t believe my sweet little boy is 8 years old today!  He’s been such and angel and blessing to all of us.  We love you!

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Happy birthday, Zane!

I know that I don’t post nearly enough about Zane, but to be honest, he hasn’t been doing that great.  A lot of tantruming and a big increase in is OCD behavior (which leads to the tantrums most of the time).  My guy who used to be happy 90% of the time and upset 10% has now flipped and is upset 90% and happy 10%.  He used to have a tantrum and be over it in just a couple of minutes, but now they go on and on.  Also, most of the time when I take pictures of him, he squints due to the flash and his overly sensitive eyes, so most pictures have him making a strange face.  Nevertheless, I’m going to post a few cute pics and a video of my sweet boy.

Bed head

There are a few guys from my church that would love to wake up with hair like this! 


Not loving the flash.


My attempt at making a bad picture look “artistic”.

We’ve all had days like this.

Since I was singing at church all day Easter Sunday and then (without anyone to watch Zane) Jason and Kalliope went to church Sunday evening, we decided to do our family festivities on Saturday. 


123108-004Miles, my youngest, is now 16 months old and upon the suggestion of my friend, I’m compiling a list of words he’s saying.  I just decided to post them rather than write them on a piece of paper that would eventually get lost in one of my many junk drawers.  Since Zane is autistic and lost of his most of his words at around 18 months old (not that he had many to begin with), I wanted to keep track of Miles’ progress. 

Without further ado, I present to you…Miles’ list of words:

  • juice (spoken very well and many, many times throughout the day)
  • dada
  • nana (banana)
  • tickle
  • dog
  • ball
  • box
  • eyes
  • nose
  • hi
  • thank you (his first words, actually)
  • Elmo
  • mouth
  • uh-ho (meant to be uh-oh, but we’re working on that)
  • no no (his latest, with the finger shake and everything)
  • tiss (kiss)
  • Say (Zane)
  • book
  • Cici (Lucy, our dog)
  • hello
  • doooooo (dude)

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve through yesterday.  I’m not as dedicated as those who got pics of their kids opening presents up on their blogs on Christmas.  I did want to add that I plan to blog more as another resolution for the year.  Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

Miles with Elmo Live, his big gift this year.  Do you think he likes it?  I’ve also got a video of Kalliope singing at church but I’m having trouble uploading it.  I’ll post it if I can get it to work!

I have done some year end evaluations of myself and have compiled a list of resolutions for 2009.  In no particular order:

1. Stop spanking my kids.  Yup, we’ve thrown away the spanking spoon.  It doesn’t really work anyway.  Taking away Hannah Montana toys or writing sentences for an hour is much more effective.

2. Have more patience with my kids, especially Kalliope.  She’s my little mama and I depend on her for a lot of help.  That’s a huge responsibility for an 8 (almost 9!) year old.  It’s easy for her to really get the brunt of my frustration from her brothers.

3. Lose 30 lbs.

4. Keep my house clean 75% of the time (a big number here considering it’s usually around 10%) and fold laundry straight out of the dryer.

5. Be a better friend.  I don’t call my friends and don’t tell them how great they are nearly enough.

6. Get and STAY on a budget!

7. Read through my entire Bible!  I tend to read passages here and there, but there are books that I’ve never even cracked.

8. Learn to let things go.  I’ve gotten better, but still have a long way to go!

9. Get my kids out of the house more.  Right now Zane goes to school, church, and Awana, and that’s pretty much it.  It’s hard to go to the store or playground with all 3, but I just need to suck it up and do it.  How else will he get better?


I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s what I have for now.  How about you?

I pray that you all have a prosperous and blessing filled 2009! 


And one more thing, we have a sitter for the kids tonight for the first New Year’s Eve in 6 years!  Woo hoo!!!  We have no idea what to do with ourselves!

Every Friday morning, I meet a group of moms for breakfast.  All of our boys have autism and it’s an unofficial support group.  I can only imagine what the people at nearby tables must think of us.  Sometimes we reinact our boys’ stims or talk about poop…in great detail.  Many of our boys have digestive issues which leads to some very interesting #2 conversation.  The idea has been brought up by Jennifer that we should write a book with some of the crazy stories we have.  I wouldn’t even know where to start.  I think that this and this would have to make it in there somewhere.  You know, with the recession, we really could use the extra money.

Also, I want to give a shout out to all my FB girls.  I love you all!

I just had to use the term “shout out” because in the past couple of days I’ve heard a number of people that were over 50 using that term and it sounded ridiculously funny to me.


Unfortunately the 80’s party is the only picture that I could find most of us in.  Hey girls, how bout next time we’re all together, we take a normal picture?  Mmmkay?  Thanks.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Not too much interesting stuff going on, just the daily routine.  Thought I’d post a few videos and pics of the kids to keep you all updated on their cuteness!

Zane is so good and patient with Miles even though he climbs all over him!

We downloaded a free demo of Guitar Hero and Miles loves jammin’ to it!  He loves all music!  Sorry it’s so dark!

The world's cutest baby!

The world's cutest baby!

My beautiful daughter!

My beautiful daughter!

Zane and Miles (Zane just woke from a cat nap!)

Zane and Miles watching Sesame Street(Zane just woke from a cat nap!)