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A little food for thought.


Being a mother of an autistic child, the question has been brought up to me several times, “do you think it was the vaccines?”.  My honest answer is I just don’t know.  What I do know is that our vaccines are filled with all kinds of junk that I would not inject into my child.  Many of you have probably heard about thimerosal (mercury), but have you heard about the human diploid cells from aborted fetus’ that are in your everday MMR vaccine?  Other ingredients from shots on the vaccination schedule are formaldehyde, coal tar vesicle fluid from calf skins, chick embryonic fluid, red rhesus monkey fetal lung cells, and so many more!  Some pharmaceutical companies have removed thimerosal from their vaccines, but many haven’t.  Not to mention, most doctors didn’t go through their supply and throw out all the vaccines with thimerosal.  That wouldn’t be cost effective.

Although there have been several studies that conclude that a link couldn’t be found between vaccines and many neurological disorders, including autism, you cannot deny the outcry from parents.  When parents have their neurologically normally developing children the DPaT and the next day their child stops talking and making eye contact, what would you conclude?  The World Health Organization has promised that thimerosal is safe but will keep the study “under review.”  They don’t sound too sure of themselves.  I believe the bottom line is this, many children are more prone to developing autism than other children and things like vaccines, preservatives in foods, and other environmental factors trigger that autism. 

If you choose to vaccinate your child, and that’s a decision each parent must make for themselves, Dr. Sears has created an alternate vaccine schedule as well as tells you what to ask your pediatrician and look for in vaccines.  Some pediatricians will order vaccines individually as well as ones that are thimerosal free.

What I have personally experienced?  I immunized Kalliope without doing any homework.  I then vaccinated Zane before knowing anything about autism.  Once I found out, all vaccines in my house have ceased.  I didn’t see a night and day difference before and after a particular vaccine, but the 10 or 20 words Zane had, he did lose shortly after his DPaT, so I have chosen not to immunize Miles.  Does that mean he won’t develop autism?  Only God knows.  We have been asked to leave our pediatricians office since we have chosen not to immunize Miles

I think you can have some genetics tests done to see if your child is more prone to certain things, but it’s expensive and very extensive.  You have to get medical histories from your family, including your third cousin twice removed.  The only advice I have to offer to parents is do your homework before having your child vaccinated.  You never know what long term affects it could have.